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Feb 5, 2017:

occulturepodcast.com interviews the author—This will give you the best feel for the topics in the book.

Aug. 28, 2016:

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July 12, 2016:

We just added a partial recording Doc made during a psychotic meltdown. He claimed he was drugged as detailed in Chapter 16 of the book.

July 10, 2016:

We just added a facebook page.

June 13, 2016:

The book has finally hit the shelves concluding three years of hard work and . . .


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can be found on the author's page at Amazon. It lists any upcoming events, special deals, a place for reviews as well as discussions. 

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Quantum Orchestra is the book that proves the spiritual world is as real as the physical ... at least for the time being.

Quantum Orchestra is the gripping story shared by Tony—an ordinary man burdened with an extraordinary task. And Doc Ghost Harpcan’t find the right hole in his belt to poke his buckle through, yet his work in quantum physics discovers a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Los Alamos Labs knows that gifted individuals sometimes suffer with psychological issues and Doc is no exception. He condemns the Lab: “We are removing the thread from the substrate of matter and undoing the divine fabric of existence,” and they are aware of his betrayal. He has a plan and recruits Tony to help stop our plunge into the abyss. Doc’s abilities impress Tony, but it’s hard to separate genius from lunatic (Listen to example). Though life has a way of changing one's perceptions and new “doors” open to Tony.

Interview With The Author


Inspired by true events.
Tony gives an undercover interview:


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Intriguing and Captivating!

Quantum Orchestra Changes Craig SmedleyI found the story very thought-provoking, entertaining, and inspiring. . . . It was an exciting journey through the years of Tony’s life; laced with funny and sophisticated content that was wrapped up beautifully at the end. I really enjoyed it from cover to cover. I have recommended this book to many friends.
~Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase