Quantum Orchestra by Craig Smedley


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Author Craig Smedley

Craig Smedley (1966 - ****) was born in Springfield, Ohio, a graduate of Ohio University and student of English Literature and Science. His passion is writing. He has lived and worked in New Mexico, Chicago, Florida, Mexico and Colorado. He wrote for trade publications, newspapers, blogs and articles for events and music reviews. Once he heard the undeniable ticking of the mortal clock, he drew from a lifetime of introspection and experiences to share a wild and twisted journey in his first novel, Quantum Orchestra. 

His work as a civilian contractor at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia Labs, a classified NASA facility near White Sands Missile Range and other locations, served as valuable experience for writing his first novel.

Author Craig Smedley

The story behind the story

Quantum Orchestra: distorting the notes of reality is speculative fiction and was written after some personal traumatic events. He originally wrote it for himself. Much of the writing was done at coffee shops in Springfield and Yellow Springs, Ohio. Craig often escaped with a pen and pad to a nearby pine forest where he found inspiration in the voice of nature. He explained that the process of writing was healing and necessary.

Interview with the author.

The following recording contains some of the inspiration for the book.