Quantum Orchestra by Craig Smedley


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Some Original Quotes and Excerpts from Quantum Orchestra:

It's hard to tread lightly when you continue to accumulate.”

Happiness can be measured by each heartbeat.”

The contrast between good and evil fades by diluting the essence of one or the other.”

The morbid reflection of an ailing body, predicates a mending spirit.”

If a raindrop that falls into the ocean viewed itself as man views himself, the raindrop would then be a drop of water trapped in an ocean, when in reality, the raindrop is the ocean.”

If the true nature of everything isn't extraordinary, then God would be ordinary.”

'Tis but a gentle step from fading light to darkness, but a plunge for those who brightly burn.”

Your eyes show you only what is in front of you; you must close them to see all other places.”

Only those who have walked barefoot on gravel will appreciate soft sand beneath their feet.”

Stop being afraid.

Some Excerpts from Quantum Orchestra:

I sat for days in a rolling landscape of mesquite brush and fragmented fence posts. In every direction I could see the rise and fall of man-made mosquitoes sucking the black blood from the earth. The hypnotic cadence of oil well pumps never ceased. Relief from the noise only came when the wind shifted and subdued the sounds of the mechanical monsters.

I remember somewhere outside of Corona, New Mexico, hearing Bob Dylan's voice rise to the surface, singing “North Country Blues.” We lost the frequency just as the song ended. The song could have been a tribute to all the forgotten towns we'd been through. It was a song vaguely transmitted from another time that seemed like it was lost and wandering the boundless countrysides only to be briefly found by us as it sailed past on its perpetual journey.

Chemotherapy is a cold winter walk through a dormant forest—a walk based on necessity and not choice. It's a surreal walk guided by the occasional deer tracks through sleeping honeysuckle and torturous bedding areas, where brittle branches stab at you and knock your hat to the ground. Ashen clouds swallow the sunlight and cold winds rustle snags of dry leaves. Distant crows cawing, remind you of your dismal state—the state of fading.

Despite your beliefs, I'm not crazy, I simply have a different reality than you. I am pragmatic. I don't speculate about anything. I only speak in truths. This place is a temporary excursion from reality and I've been tasked with keeping the ethereal light burning so that the pious can return home. Try having that on your conscience.